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What is the programme quota?

The programme quota is the number of provincial delegates to the PPAN programmes. The Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sport determines how many delegates from which province are sent to which PPAN programme. The number of delegates in PPAN programmes does not necessarily represent the 33 provinces in Indonesia. Therefore, the programme quota may change every year.

Are PPAN programmes open for male and female?

Yes, they are. Typically, the male-female ratio of a PPAN programme is 1:1. The Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sport reserves the right to decide if a certain province shall send one male participant, one female participant, or both.

What if my qualification does not suit the programme quota?

Please remember that the programme quota changes every year. Therefore, if you are interested in joining a programme but do not meet this year’s male/female qualification, for instance, you may apply for the next year’s programme provided that your age falls within the limits of the programme.

Can I apply for PPAN programmes in another province?

It depends on the rules set by the PCMI in respective provinces. Each PCMI has its own policies. Please contact the provincial office of youth and sport or the PCMI in question.

If I were chosen for a programme, what should I do next?

You will undergo a series of training organised by PCMI Jawa Barat, after which you will join other provincial delegates to the National Pre-departure Training. PCMI Jawa Barat will help you prepare for the programme.

Are PPAN programmes free of charge?

Basically, PPAN programmes do not impose any fees on participants. All PPAN programmes belong to the Government-to-Government (G2G) partnership; therefore the Government of the Republic of Indonesia is the main sponsor. However, all participants shall incur personal needs such as traditional costumes, stage properties, attire, musical instruments, passport, gifts, etc.

If I have already participated in one PPAN programme, can I apply for another?

No, you cannot. You can participate in only one PPAN programme organised by the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sport.

I have graduated from college or I have been working, can I apply for the programmes?

Yes, you can, provided that you meet the age requirement. PPAN programmes are intended for the youth, not merely for students.

I do not hail from West Java, I do not have an ID card issued in West Java, I cannot perform West Javanese arts and culture; can I join the selection?

All candidates must have an ID card issued in West Java. Basically, PCMI Jawa Barat will select youth delegates to the national and international levels. Naturally, then, we expect that the delegates can well represent West Java province.

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